Software (30)

The PHP language

The PHP is a server-side language for the web applications. The applications written with this language are located inside a directory that the web server shares on the network.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network, configured on some routers that uses public networks for the connection.

List of 12 CMS and CRM open source

A list of some PHP applications, made to manage some types of websites.

Error 1016 (DNS)

Sometimes, it happens to go on a website and to see this error. This occurs when the website is on the Cloudflare network (improves the performance of websites), and Cloudflare is unable to resolve your requested domain (maybe for a temporary error on the website’s server).

PHP and Ajax

Here you will see an example of JavaScript and PHP code that, together, checks if a given variable exists into a SQL database, and, if doesn’t exist, allows the client to insert it into the database. All of this, without update the entire web page.