The PHP language

The PHP is a server-side language for the web applications. The applications written with this language are located inside a directory that the web server shares on the network.


This language is useful to make dynamic the web pages of a website. Through this language you can process data, taken from other files, or from a database, and then return this data as HTML code that the client’s browser will elaborate to return a formatted page and with a graphical style. To summarize, the client will request a PHP page, and it will receive from the server an HTML page.

To be able to send data from the client to the server are used the HTML forms, that sends data through two methods. Recently is used a lot also Ajax, to send the data from the client to the server and conversely from the server to the client, without reload the whole page. Ajax is a technique of software development, that use JavaScript, and is useful to send data in background between client and server.

To send data to the server

The two methods to send data between client and server are:

  • GET: where the data is visible into the URL. Therefore, this method isn’t safe to send data as passwords or personal informations. With this method you can’t send binary data, as files.
  • POST: the data isn’t visible into the URL, you can send binary data, and is a safer method for the transitted data.

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