How to set a timer for the shutdown of Windows

All you have to do is opening “CMD” or “Command Prompt” and writing a simple istruction.

Extracting the content of a ZIP file using PHP

PHP has a specific class to manage the ZIP archives.

How to avoid SQL injection attacks

If you aren’t using a CMS, or you have your “hand-made” CMS, maybe you have a PHP search page that takes the search string and puts it into an SQL query (in a WHERE clause), in order to get the results.

Search into a database with PHP

How to make a simple PHP search function, to search into a MySQL database.

Error 1016 (DNS)

Sometimes, it happens to go on a website and to see this error. This occurs when the website is on the Cloudflare network (improves the performance of websites), and Cloudflare is unable to resolve your requested domain (maybe for a temporary error on the website’s server).